We would love to see everyone in our church to be in a healthy Small Group. Our team is passionate about getting people in groups, starting new groups and and getting them healthy. Small Groups are three or more people who meet together regularly to balance the five purposes found in Acts 2:42-47. Whether you are looking for a Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Singles, Workplace group or anything else that describes your preferences and state of life best, there is one that is just right for you!

Small Groups Launch Fall 2022

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Whether you are interested in leading a small group, joining a small group, or volunteering on our Small Group Leadership Team, we are so excited to invite you to join us in our Spring Small Group Launch. Please choose from one of the options below.


Small Groups Launch Fall 2022

Our next Small Group Launch is Fall 2022. Come back to join a small group when they are available.

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Congratulations on taking the first step to start a small group! Check out these New Host Resources loaded with tips and tricks to help you kickstart your journey as a small group leader.